About us

Kong Hwa Laundry is a well established commercial laundry and dry cleaning service provider operating successfully for the past twenty years.

Over the past 20 years, we have established an exceptional reputation for providing quality services to hospitality, health care, restaurants and airline industries throughout the Metropolitan region. Our focus is to continuously provide high level in quality and service to our customers without the high cost.

Kong Hwa is located in Preston Melbourne and Smithfield Sydney. The size of our plants is approximately 2,000 square meters, with designs fully compliant with relevant individual standards, and adequately houses our laundry equipment whilst offering comfort to our staff. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees to come to everyday.

Our state of the art Continuous Batch Washer systems allow us to wash at a much larger capacity whilst recycling water. Together with our 6 large water tanks carrying more than 150 ton of water helps us save cost to our customers whilst helping our environment by minimising the demand for fresh water.

We have a management team at Kong Hwa Laundry who are responsible for planning and guiding the activities of the organisation to be effective and efficient; and train our employees to understand the importance and become familiar with our company policies, to recognise procedures and customer needs for continual improvement, and conducting periodic reviews.

Kong Hwa Laundry operates strictly under our existing Quality Management Systems. Proper procedures take place throughout the process of the laundry and dry cleaning services at all times. Strict checking and supervising procedures are maintained through daily operations to ensure all Health Regulations, Governing Regulations and Standards are fully complied with.